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Which do you like? (Suggested by [Nekko Fox])

* *Raises an eyebrow* This is Fake! What do you think!
* I sit in a dark room and write sad poetry that I won't show anyone.
* Hard core...videogames?
* Jumping up and down at random intervals
* S&M
* Playing with other furverts
* Hentai! Must HAVE HENTAI!
* Food and sleep. I'm very dull.
* Nothing, I hate the world.

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Fake now has a real time chat! It's accessible on the page Fake Chat - just enter your name in the username box that appears and you'll be good to go and chat with other Fakers.

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From: Stephen
2014-03-10 19:08:38


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From: Stephen
2013-12-22 05:25:56

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Welcome to Fake!

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Fake (Real Time) Chat

Fake now has a real time chat! It's accessible on the page Fake Chat - just enter your name in the username box that appears and you'll be good to go and chat with other Fakers!

Hopefully we can get a lot of member active in there, so encourage your friends to join and hang out.

Also, don't forget about the Sexiest Valentines Present official contest!

Date: 2014-03-10 19:05:25
News #: 99
Reporter: Stephen
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Breast Expansion

-This is written in Medical journal format

“The horrors of Breast Expansion”
-Dr. William C. Quayle MD.

In this modern world of ours, it seems like there is nothing out of the ordinary anymore. All of our “syndromes” and “diseases” have been discovered, and there is a perfectly logical explanation for everything under the sun. This is why it pains me to bring up this topic. Women have been second in line in the medical field since the beginning of time: Little to no attention being paid to women and their medical problems. When women complain of ailments, its often dismissed as “stress” by male doctors who think they know what’s really going on, so many women suffer in silence…I have decided to give these women a voice. Be warned, though…this is a very sensitive topic, and should not be read by everyone.

Breast Expansion:
This phenomenon has been a very well-kept secret in the medical world for years now. Though not particularly “new”, this problem is very rare. But as it’s been proven…just because something is rare does not mean it’s not a problem...


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Breast Expansion


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This week's Slut, [CrimsonRiver], is a such a sweetheart as well as a heels lover! :)

There should be some sexy pictures sometime in the future, so be sure to keep an eye open for them!

Her wonderful saying to all fake members, "let your freak flag fly!", shows that she is indeed a wonderful person and open with herself.

Be sure to read over her interview for more info on this wonderful new Slut of the Week! :) -> Slut of the Week Interview - Member # 10468


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