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Step Mino-mom

Another great short story by [Hardee Har har]! :) Enjoy


"Step Mino-mom"

Noah didn't mean to stare-really, he didn't. He'd averted his eyes a dozen times already. He'd shifted focus, coughed into his fist. He'd managed to read (or at least, pretend to) while his step mother spoke to him. But as he sat across from her now, stirring his salad with his fork, one word came to mind. A single syllable that twisted his tongue and refused to leave.


Noah had known about Vivian for a while. His father loved her, and it wasn't Noah's place to judge. But it was one thing to hear her voice over a weekly call to his father. The occasional email and text, so impersonal. To see her in the flesh didn't startle him, or make his stomach turn. He'd come to terms with that. Rather, she left his mind blank.

So he stared. He stared at her horns, at her auburn eyes and her caramel coat. He stared when her tail idled behind her and flicked at the air. When her chest strained against the human size clothes, their seams ready to burst at-

“So you're graduating next semester, right son?”

Noah blinked, and shoved a fork of leafy greens into his mouth. He gave a nod, and looked up at his father with a smile. His teeth tore through the leaves, and he smiled.

“Yep, should be. I'm shopping around right now for work. Lotta temp places hiring, but I ain't too keen on them,” he said. His father, brown eyes bright, just smiled and continued to eat. Vivian grinned, and nudged his father.

“You know, he won't admit it? But he's been talking about you non-stop all week,” she said. The minotaur giggled, her breasts jiggling against the table. His father blushed, and shook his head.

“Shush, don't tell him that,”

“And why not, Frank? It's true. And last I checked, it's okay to be fans of your children,”

“Vivian, stop-”

It was Noah's turn to smile, and he laughed as he shoved in another forkful.

“Yeah yeah, I love you too pop,”

His father reached his hand over, and gave Noah's wrist a squeeze. He met his father's eyes for a moment, and the two shared a smile. As his father pulled his hand away, Noah glanced at Vivian. His eyes strayed for just a moment, but the minotaur beamed at him. She placed her fork down, and gave a dainty cough into her palm.

Noah became interested in his salad all over again.

“You know Noah, if you need a job? My family has a farm down south. A dairy. They could always use a hand-” she began, but Noah's father jerked his head up. His cheeks were tinged crimson, and he shook his head.

“Vivian, no. Noah's not going into-into that kind of-”

“Into the thing he went to school for, Frank? What's wrong with it? Animal husbandry pays very well last time I looked. And he'd work! It's not like we'd just give him the job!”

“Vivian, that's not the point. Noah's degree is-”

“What's the pay?”

Vivian and his father stopped, and looked at him. Noah crunched on his salad, and swallowed the pulp down as he met his step-mother's eyes. Vivian's lips quivered and broke into a smile as she leaned forward. She almost spilled out of her dress as motioned with her hands.

“Above minimum wage, which is more than you'll get doing temp work,” she said, “And it's long hours. Four days a week, room and board provided. It's a good job, Noah. Honest work as well, and you will be worked. Don't doubt for a second you won't,”

Frank coughed, and raised his hand “Vivian, if I may?”

The minotaur shrugged, and gripped her fork. She stared into her plate as Noah's father turned to him, his eyes searching the boys face. He lapped at his lips as they formed a thin smile.

“It's ah, not the kind of husbandry you learned about,” said Frank as he strummed his fingers. He raised his index finger, then gripped his chin as he swallowed. Vivian's eyes darted at him a moment, but as her fork scraped against her plate, she rose. Her chair screeched against the vinyl flooring as she walked out of the dining room. Frank glanced over his shoulder as she left, and Noah felt his stomach tinge as he watched his father's eyes crawl. When Frank turned to face him again, he leaned forward as he dropped his voice to a whisper.

“It's a bit more hands on, adult industry kind of stuff. Vivian means well, but it's...well, it's a dairy farm. Ran by minotaurs. Do you get where I'm going with this son?”

Noah's chest rose, and he let out a deep exhale as his throat dried. His foot began to tap against the floor, a nervous tick that rivaled his father's own habits. His ears pinned against his temple as he heard Vivian's hooves draw closer, clip-clapping with every step.

“Dad uh, I get it. But I'm not a virgin anymore".


Want to read the steamy other half? Click here! --> Step Mino-mom


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Enroll here to join the contest and show us what you have ;) -> Slut of the Week - Applications

Hope to see what the new contest pics will be! <3

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