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Which do you like? (Suggested by [Nekko Fox])

* *Raises an eyebrow* This is Fake! What do you think!
* I sit in a dark room and write sad poetry that I won't show anyone.
* Hard core...videogames?
* Jumping up and down at random intervals
* S&M
* Playing with other furverts
* Hentai! Must HAVE HENTAI!
* Food and sleep. I'm very dull.
* Nothing, I hate the world.

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2014-03-10 19:08:38


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From: Stephen
2013-12-22 05:25:56

tricky happy from within James T.

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Welcome to Fake!

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Fake (Real Time) Chat

Fake now has a real time chat! It's accessible on the page Fake Chat - just enter your name in the username box that appears and you'll be good to go and chat with other Fakers!

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Also, don't forget about the Sexiest Valentines Present official contest!

Date: 2014-03-10 19:05:25
News #: 99
Reporter: Stephen
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The Runt: Double Trouble

"Amy moved beside Sheila, and the girls shared a glance, a knowing smile passing between them. Tod stood there, unable to backup because of Sheila's paws on his bottom, so he was left to stand, helpless, in front of two very lustful females. It was Amy that moved first, placing her paw gently on his testicals and rubbing them gently. Tod shivered against his will, and this was when Sheila moved in. She knelt close to his shaft and teasingly ran her tongue up his length, catching the dribbling trail of puppy cum on her tongue with ease, eliciting a soft moan from Tod as she reached his tip.

 Amy seemed to enjoy this new game and leaned in as well, licking the one side of Tod's cock while Sheila continued her attention on the other. As Tod began to swoon from the teasing sensations coursing through his body, Amy moved behind him. He felt his tail lifted, and he glanced over his shoulder at Amy, noting with trepidation the growing smile on her face."

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Date: 2014-04-14 15:25:34 Story #: 115 Mod: That Nik Guy
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[Vriska Serket]


This weeks slut, [Vriska Serket], is such a sweetheart.

We should be seeing some nude photos of her some time in the next month, so keep an eye out!

Make sure to read over her interview here:
slut of the week interview - member # 9077

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Date: 2014-04-14 15:11:23 Slut #: 86 Mod: That Nik Guy
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