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kurtz is dead Basil

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Club Story

by [VirginKitty]

This is a fanstasy of mine... there are no real events or people in here

I walk into the club with trepidation... I hate these events, large groups of people scare me but my friends had twisted my arm and persuaded me to come to the leaving do of a friend who was moving to America. I walk in and look around, when I realise they aren’t here yet I ask the bartender to tell them where I am sitting when they arrive and head over to a set of sofa’s in the corner where I can watch most of the club without it being obvious I am alone. I sit sipping my drink as I wait for the girls to arrive... getting tenser and tenser as I realise they are running half an hour late by this point. Then I receive a text from one of the girls... they have had a “crisis” and the night out had been cancelled. My shoulder drop, I had wound myself up for a night out only to find there was no point.

I start to get up to head towards the exit as a guy walks over to me. “Hey, I hope you’re not leaving?” he asks, “Yes of course I am... my friends have cancelled our evening out so I’m going home” I sound abrupt but then I am rather tense.


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