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As emailing only works sometimes (for unknown reasons), we have removed the requirement to confirm the email address when you register.

I hope this will make it easier to register.

Date: 2016-02-12 15:22:33
News #: 108
Reporter: Virgin Slut
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The Farm

"The Farm" - [Hardee Har har]

Themes: fem dom, lactation, monster girl, size difference

Percy sighed with relief as he saw a fence. He picked up his feet, praying to whatever gods were listening there was more to the place than just a fence. He gasped when he saw a barn, and a small cabin that chugged smoke from the chimeny.

Praise the high kingdom, people! And maybe they were nice!

Percy reached the fence, and almost tore it off the hinges before he caught himself. This wasn’t his house-these people, if they were around, might not take too kindly to travelers. Much less young men.

Percy gulped as he thought about the last farm he stopped at, over a hundred miles away. The farmer and his three daughters had been half-orcs, hideously misshapen and cruel. The girls had tried to assault him, all under the eyes of their old man. He had barely escaped in one piece, and had scraped by with his virtue in tact. His thoughts trailed a moment towards the girls, their laughs as they tore his clothes from him…


This new addition writes so much we can expect more great sexy stories from him! :) If you wanna read the full version click here! --> http://fake.swedma.com/wiki.html?name=The%20Farm


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